New Beginnings Wellness Programs

A comprehensive wellness education initiative for schools, parents, and the community.

What we do

We Help Young Adults to Make Responsible Choices

Too often we learn that another life has been adversely effected by substance abuse.  The mission of the New Beginnings Wellness Program is to educate young adults, parents, and the community about how these temptations can be avoided and how to save so many from making distructive decisions.

Since 1987 NBWP has been making a positive difference at MIAA member schools.  Our programs are designed to lead young adults away from a path of bad choices and onto a path toward meaningful, productive, and rewarding lives.  We offer a variety of training formats including assembly presentations, classroom discussion, and professional development seminars.  We invite you to spend a few minutes to learn more about NBWP and how our programs can have a significant impact on the lives of our children.

Bill Phillips

Founder, Program Director


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Mission Statement

To promote awareness, acceptance and prevention of drug use (opioids), alcoholism and other dependencies as health issues of grave concern to everyone, with major ramifications to the welfare of the community.

Mission Statement

Our Programs

Guidance and advice for students, parents, and communities.

Our programs are designed for individuals who are struggling with substance abuse, or for those who may be at risk.  Each program can be customized for the specific needs of the school and presented from faculty members and guest speakers who are best-suited for the audience.

Four-Day Course

A comprehensive course for students covering the most important points about substance abuse. Each topic has its own important factors...


Parent Program

Designed to help parents to better recognize if their kids may be involved with drugs or alcohol. The itinerary covers specific topics and also has...


Faculty Program

Teachers and staff will participate in an open-style format to identify and dicuss the warning signs of substance abuse among their students...


Court Program

This course provides a simplified overview of the complicated legal system, making it much easier to understand...


“The staff at Baird Middle school is still talking about the in-service training you provided at our school during teacher orientation week. We found your presentation to be meaningful and practical for those of us who work with adolescents”

Donna M. Hogan, Interim Principal – Paul R. Baird Middle School

“This program is a great resource for developing and establishing improved school, court and police relationships”

Timothy Scaggs, Assistant Chief Probation Officer – Framingham Juvenile Court

“Packed full with information and facts…high energy, change of pace from the usual programs. Questions and Answers part of forum was exceptional. Thank you”

Jim Poirier, Clerk Magistrate – Norfolk Juvenile Court

New Beginnings Wellness Programs

To promote awareness, acceptance and prevention of drug use, alcoholism, and other dependencies as health issues of grave concern to everyone, with major ramifications to the welfare of the community.


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