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Our programs can have a significant impact on the lives of young adults.

Since 1985 NBWP has been making a positive difference at MIAA member schools. Our programs are designed to lead young adults away from a path of bad choices and onto a path toward meaningful, productive, and rewarding lives. We offer a variety of training formats including assembly presentations, classroom discussion, and professional development seminars.

New Beginnings Wellness Programs

A quick look at our organization by the numbers


NBWP was founded in 1985 to promote awareness and acceptance of alcoholism and other chemical dependencies as a health issue of grave concern for students, parents, faculty, and the community.

Number of Schools

We’ve worked more than 2000 different schools throughout the United States to encourage understanding of the problem we face and how positive guidance can make a significant difference.

States visited

While we’ve concentrated mostly in the Northeast, we’ve made presentions in 22 States, many of which have adopted our programs into their school system State-wide.

Students we've reached

Since 1985, we’ve touched the lives of over 600,000 people including students, parents, faculty, and community officials.

Several programs, expert faculty, motivating guest speakers!

Our courses range from one-hour classroom workshops to all-day events.  Each is designed to fit any grade level and can conform to facilitate students, parents, coaches, pre-season coaches & captains, in small and large groups.  Our guest speakers include court officials, kids in recovery, probation officers, and pro-sports players.

Four-Day Course

Parents Program

Court Program

Faculty Program

Program Administrators

Bill Phillips


With a B.A from West Virginia State, Bill started New Beginnings Wellness Programs in 1985, and remains very active in the organization.  With a long history of working with many of the nation’s Governors, Education Directors, and other community leaders, Bill still teaches and leads many of the NBWP programs.

Kayla Phillips


Kayla Phillips is the Clerk for the New Beginnings Wellness Programs Foundation.  Her experience working in the childcare industry plus her passion for mentoring and teaching guided her to graduate with Bachelor of Arts in Children’s Learning and Development and a Masters Degree in Social Work.

Elena Ghilani

Administrative Assistant

Elena Ghilani is our database developer has been involved in computer programming since college where she received a B.S. in Education/Earth Science and Mathematics. Trained as a Software Engineer at GTE in Needham, MA, she has programming and database development experience with GTE, and Standard and Poor’s.

Faculty and Guest Speakers

Bill Phillips - Founder of New Beginnings Wellness Programs


Bill founded the New Beginnings programs in 1985 to promote awareness and acceptance of alcoholism and other dependencies as a health issue of grave concern to everyone with major ramifications to the welfare of the community.  He has a passion for helping young adults with substance abuse problems, and has developed strong relationships with local community leaders.  Bill is known for his unique presenting style and ability to connect with his audience.

Richard Najarian- Consultant and Advisor


In his years at Watertown High, Richard touched thousand of lives and had a style that made his students look forward to attending class.  Richard has received numerous awards for community service and his programs dealing with substance abuse, teen suicide, self-esteem, gender issues, and much more have become the model used at many area high schools.  He is an adjunct professor at Lasell College, and Mass Bay Community College.

Anthony Chinappi - former Athletic Director and School Administrator


When Anthony was at Milford High School, he excelled in sports as a player, coach, and eventually became an administrator at the school.  His superior leadership skills and natural ability to mentor the players/students launched him into the Milford Athletic Hall of Fame.

Richard Garabedian, Ph.D - Current Professor at Lasell College, Newton


As the former K-12 Director of Health, Physical Education, & Athletics for Watertown Public Schools, Dr. Garabedian promoted health and wellness for students, athletes, faculty, and parents. Currently he is an adjunct professor at Lasell College teaching courses in Lifestyles and Human Behavior.

Daniel Floyd - Assistant Chief Probabtion Officer, Framingham Juvenile Court

Guest Speaker

Mr Floyd has worked in the Framingham Court System for 28 years and has recently been promoted to Assistant Chief Probation Officer.  He has worked closely with Bill Phillips and the New Beginnings Program to assist young adults with substance abuse issues in the Framingham area.

Chris Sullivan - Former NFL Player (New England Patriots)

Guest Speaker

As a student at North Attleboro High, Chris Sullivan never expected to become a professional football player.  Nor did he expect to become a drug addict.  Somehow he became both.  With a life filled with so many ups and downs, with glory and personal tragedy, Chris’s story is heart breaking, but also very motivational and inspiring.

Matt Bushell - American Actor

Guest Speaker

As a student at Framingham High School, Matt was an outstanding athlete but got sidelined after an injury.  Pain relief from drugs unfortunately turned into a significant drug addiction.  While Matt had a long road of recovery, he is a good example of someone with a substance abuse issue who overcame the obstacles to create a successful career.  Matt is now an actor and has had numerous roles in Hollywood including as a regular on NBC’s Law & Order.

Cheniel Garcia (Young Biggs) - rap artist and former convict

Guest Speaker

Cheniel Garcia spends much of his time giving back to the community.  After spending more than four years in prison, he speaks to groups about drug addiction, spends time feeding the homeless, and loves putting smiles on peoples faces.  He works as a barber, and is also an accomplished rap artist.

Ralph Olsen - Former high school principal


Well-regarded for his leadership style, Ralph Olsen has served several high schools as principle in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.  He is strong believer in collaborating with others to support ongoing learning and has assisted many students who needed guidance and support.

Billy Phillips Jr. - New Beginnings Wellness Program Board Member


Bill was exposed to alcohol and substance abuse at an early age. But he follwed his fathers lead and began participating in various support groups such as AA, Alateen, and Al-Anon. His experience with these support groups help him recover and has been drug free now since 2013. Bill organizes charitable events to help others in recovery. He is also a frequent speaker at NBWP meetings.

Brian Bardellini

Guest Speaker

Many who have heard Brian speak can easily relate to his straight-talking style.  A former drug addict and no stranger to the juvinile court system, Brian learned of the New Beginnings Wellness programs and his life began turning a corner with much thanks to Bill Phillips.

Board of Directors


William P. Phillips - Executive Director


William Gaine - Chairman


Anthony Chinappi - Vice Chairman


Robert Fair - Treasurer


Timothy Fitts -Fundraising


Elena Ghilani - Clerk


Mark Lightbody


Robert C. Phillips


Bill Phillips III


Kevin Sullivan

New Beginnings Wellness Programs

To promote awareness, acceptance and prevention of drug use, alcoholism, and other dependencies as health issues of grave concern to everyone, with major ramifications to the welfare of the community.


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