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We offer a variety of programs to accomodate your facility and also customize the agenda to fit your specific needs.

Educating Students, Parents, Faculty, & the Community

We provide a variety of different programs to accomodate the needs of your school.  Each program has a unique curriculum that provides each school with a well-rounded program covering several issues.  Students will gain knowledge and the skills to make healthy choices.  Depending on the program and the needs of your school, we customize the structure to range from one-hour classroom workshops, to events that last all-day.

The Four-Day Course

A comprehensive course for students over 4 days covering the most important aspects of substance abuse

This is our most popular program for students covering the most important points of substance abuse.  Because each topic has its own unique aspects, we spread this out over 4 days of the week.  Guest speakers include recovering addicts, former convicts, and sports celebrities based on availabilty.  The format is structured to begin with Period 1, and students then rotate into the class throughout the day.

Day 1 – Chemical Dependency

    • Definition
    • Statistics
    • Early warning signs
    • Violence

Day 2 – The Family

    • Effects on the family
    • Coping with the disease
    • Court problems

Day 3 – How to Help a Friend

    • Methods
    • What is a good friend?
    • Role playing
    • Standing up for your choices

Day 4 – Healthy Choices

    • How to say NO!
    • Healthy behaviors
    • Looking toward the future

Parent Program

For the parents of middle school, high school and college-age students

This course is designed to help parents better recognize if their kids may be involved with drugs or alcohol.  The itinerary covers the most important aspects and also has plenty of opportunity for questions and answers.  Typically offered in the evening hours, parents will leave with a better understanding of the issues, the risks, and a clear course of action.  The program will be held either in the auditorium or appropriately-sized classroom, depending on the registration.

Faculty Program

How teachers can recognize possible problems before they start

Teachers and staff will participate in an open-style format to identify and dicuss the warning signs of substance abuse among their students.  Because each faculty member has had their own experience, this course serves to provide valuable sharing of information of which all can benefit.  The itinerary covers recognition of possible problems, how to intervene and prevent problems from getting worse, and consequences of failed intervention.

Court Program

Designed for middle school, high school and college age students

The juvenile court system is complicated and this course provides a simplified overview making it much easier to understand.  The subject material is very forthright and involves a candid discussion of what happens when students enter the legal system, what it’s like to be monitored by officers of the court, and possible consequences for non-compliance.  Guest speakers can vary but include court officials or probation officers based on availabilty.

Student Assemblies

Depending on the request of the school, we’ll hold some sessions in the auditorium.  The subject matter brings attention to alcoholism and other dependencies as a health issue of grave concern.  We identify the links between these issues and how they relate to school discipline, delinquency, and violence.  Guest speakers can include court officers, students in recovery, probation officials, or sports celebrities based on availablity. 

Individual Classroom Education

In a classroom setting, students are usually more open to discuss sensitive issues, or problems that may pertain to their specific needs.  While the itinerary usually follows a pre-determined agenda, we adjust the subject matter if necessary as requested by the school.

New Beginnings Wellness Programs

To promote awareness, acceptance and prevention of drug use, alcoholism, and other dependencies as health issues of grave concern to everyone, with major ramifications to the welfare of the community.


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